Action Fund of the Partnership for Democracy Hellersdorf - 2018

A new action fund of partnerships for democracy Hellersdorf promotes your ideas again. Whether a joint football tournament, a skate contest or a neighborly barbecue with open-air cinema. Your creativity knows no bounds. Initiatives, free bearers or citizens of all ages can apply for a grant of up to € 600 with their project ideas for more tolerance and democracy.

The project should start at 1.6.2018 at the earliest and take place in the greater Hellersdorf area (also Mahlsdorf and Kaulsdorf). Applications are simply sent by email to the "Roter Baum" Berlin UG. Further information on the funding and submission of the documents can be found on this page. All required documents are in the right column of this page.

Call for submission of project proposals at Action Fund Hellersdorf

As part of the Partnership for Democracy Hellersdorf, an action fund will be launched again in 2018. We call on all citizens of all ages, initiatives or NGO to engage with creative project ideas for tolerance, solidarity and democracy, thus setting an example against the phenomena of group-focused enmity, discrimination and exclusion.

The fund has a total volume of € 7,000, with projects of up to € 600 being funded. Projects can be funded that are implemented in the Greater Hellersdorf region (including Kaulsdorf, Mahlsdorf). Earliest possible project start is the 20.05.2018. The projects must be completed by 15.12.2018.

Submission of project ideas

The project sketches are transmitted electronically to "Roter Baum" Berlin UG and collected there. Experience shows that there are two award rounds. The deadline for submitting applications for the action fund is 15.05.2018. A second deadline is set for 10.6.2018.

project selection

The decision on the allocation of funds is the responsibility of a jury consisting of 3 representatives of the "Partnership for Democracy Hellersdorf" Monitoring Committee and 3 citizens. The following criteria are important for the evaluation of the project ideas:


  • Has the proposal been submitted on time?
  • Has the maximum head been considered?


The projects support:

1. Community work / Democracy development: e.g. Projects that ...

... Welcome to Hellersdorf and network with other residents

... address tolerance, diversity, everyday racism and discrimination and apply reflection strategies

... promote democratic participation and negotiation processes in schools

... promote volunteer structures and civic engagement

2. Political education and empowerment: e.g. Projects that ...

... to address and strengthen women's rights

Communicate knowledge about misanthropic organizations and structures

To give options for action

... contribute to strengthening civil society

3. Child and youth participation: e.g. Projects that ...

... living and strengthening child and youth participation

... expand and visualize the forms and possibilities of youth participation

4. animation of the public space: e.g. Projects that ...

... promote the exchange of all population groups across district regions

... strengthen and make visible the peaceful and democratic coexistence of people of all backgrounds and of all ages

Eligible expenses

Fees and resources can be funded. If larger purchases are required for a project, it is often possible to borrow them. We are happy to arrange relevant contacts.

Submission of documents:

The application must be completed in full by email ( Forms can be downloaded at