Families in the center

The "Buntes Haus" (Colorful House) is a family meeting point in the heart of the Hellersdorfer Promenade, a repurposed plate building in the Marzahn-Hellersdorf district of Berlin.

Our family meeting point, which was opened in March 2009, is open to all children from 0-14 years, parents and grandparents as well as all other interested people.

We see ourselves as an educational, recreational and neighborhood facility with neighborhood accommodation.

Playing and recreation space, cafeteria, wardrobe, reading club, many toys, climbing elements, motion games, music instruments, retreat room, homework support, reading together, singing, dancing, creativity, cooking, science and environmental protection, celebrations, culture, media, music, co-design and many projects ... but also exchanges, meeting space, community work and support - everything is possible in the Bunten Haus.

But most important is the LAUGHING!

We open our doors daily from 1 pm to 5 pm and our offers are free of charge.

With us, you decide what's going on, on a daily basis - whether big or small! When we all tackle, we create everything.

Our international team, consisting mainly of volunteers, includes: Rocio, Bernd, Ursula and others.

In the implementation of the many projects, we are supported by freelance staff. 

cooperation partners

for instance: Neighborhood management Hellersdorfer promenade, JFE "Eastend", Hella girls' club, volunteer agency Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Pusteblume elementary school, Kita "playhouse", Berliner Tafel e.V., German Children's Fund e.V., artist Berbo Thierfelder. Berlin, Alice Salomon University, youth welfare office Marzahn-Hellersdorf, INU Infrastructural Network Environmental Protection gGmbH, Children and Youth Office Marzahn-Hellersdorf, SOS Family Center, District Reporter Prtra Strachovski

If you want to be up-to-date, what's happening in the "Buntes Haus" and around, check out our facebook page or our cooperation partner's in our neighborhood is always something going on!

Offers and projects

Monday: Open family event with lots of time for fun and nonsense (playing, playing, singing, dancing, moving, scooter and biking, cooking, painting, chatting ...)

Tuesdays: Open family meeting / From 3 pm creative project

Wednesdays: Open family meeting / From 3 pm adventure in the book world, reading club

Thursdays: Open family meeting / From 3 pm adventure in the book world, reading club

Fridays: Open family meeting / 4 pm Sports for the whole family

Saturdays (on selected dates): trips with families and special projects, as well as rental for children's birthdays (please notice)


The following projects will also take place during our opening hours:


Motion games

We build a special movement game for the promotion of motor skills, fitness and as a fun community action and daily routine.


Cooking project "Knusperkopp"

The clown "Knusperkopp" learns from the children how to cook healthy and delicious. From shopping to cooking to eating together, Knusperkopp, children and parents discover a lot of new things on the topic of EATING. This project is supported by the "Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk" e.V., the Stiftung Berliner Sparkasse and www.brotliebling.de.


Family excursions

On weekends and during the holidays we go out together with parents and children. Of course somewhere were is cheap and close. Our "Baltic Sea Family Trip" in the summer holidays is supported by the housing company "reasons Mitte" e.G.


LSK-Project "GemeinschaftsWorks Buntes Haus" - finished

Parents and children create the Buntes Haus together. In doing so, they acquire new skills and abilities which can also be applied in everyday life. It also opens up new career prospects.

The artist, Berbo Thierfelder, stimulates the creativity of the parents and children and like this our house becomes even more beautiful.

This project is sponsored by the State of Berlin and the European Social Fund.


Book workshops for families

We give parents lots of tips on what new and old books can be helpful in the linguistic advancement of children and how easy reading aloud together can be.


This project is funded by the Senate Administration, Berlin under the "Social City" program.