"Make contact - connect"

project type: multilateral contact making seminar
Project venue: Pirovac, Kroatien

number of participants: 30
Date : 10. - 16.6.2018 
Participants fee:  ca. 0 Euro je Begegnung
participants "Roter Baum": 2
language: englisch
participating partners: Circolo Arcci Nuova Associazione-Circolo Territoriale di Chieti (Italy), Hi Neighbor (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Association for volunteerism -Volunteer Center Skopje (Macedonia), All-Ukrainian Association for Youth Cooperation “Alternative-V” (Ukraine), Unternehmergesellschaft haftungsbeschrankt Roter Baum Berlin (Germany), Centre for Youth Work (Serbia), GSM Genclik serviseri merkezi dernegi (Turkey), International Association of "Interactive Open Schools" (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Pro-Community Centre (Moldova), The Public Institute for Tourism, Sport, Youth and Social Programs Slovenj Gradec (Slovenia)


The project "Make contact - connect" aims to foster interconnection, networking and exploration of opportunities for joint partnership projects in the field of youth work, between youth associations from program and partner countries (11 of them). The target group of the project are representatives (22) of youth organizations from 10 countries in Europe.
The main applicant is PRONI Center for Social Education, which will, in cooperation with partners, implement the project over a period of 10 months from 01.02. to 30.11.2018). Partners in the project are: Circolo Arcci Nuova Associazione-Circolo Territoriale di Chieti (Italy), Hi Neighbor (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Association for volunteerism - Volunteer Center Skopje (Macedonia), All-Ukrainian Association for Youth Cooperation “Alternative-V” (Ukrain), Unternehmergesellschaft haftungsbeschrankt Roter Baum Berlin (Germany), Centre for Youth Work (Serbia), GSM Genclik serviseri merkezi dernegi (Turkey), International Association of "Interactive Open Schools" (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Pro-Community Centre (Moldova) and the Public Institute for Tourism, Sport, Youth and Social Programs Slovenj Gradec (Slovenia).
The main activity of the project  will be a six-day Event for establishing contacts that will be held in Croatia, Pirovac from 10.6. to 16.6.2018. and will enable: - mutual acquaintance and exchange of knowledge, experiences and methods in working with young people from different organizations in Europe - better understanding of youth needs and problems in different countries of Europe - getting to know the national and European international context of youth work and opportunities for young people in Europe - creation of new concrete partnerships in the field of youth work - development of concrete project ideas - development of concrete partners' action plans. The follow-up phase of the project (from July to the end of November 2018) is based on the use of joint working results as well as new skills, methods and ways of working with young people, through presentation of project ideas and action plans within partner organizations, elaboration of project ideas for applying for tenders and dissemination of project results and dissemination of the PDF Manual "Partnerships in Youth Work".
Through a variety of project activities as well as a carefully developed methodology that will stimulate interaction and active participation of all participants, the project will influence on the creation of concrete partnerships in the field of youth work and the development of joint project ideas aiming at improving the position of young people. Participants will be strengthened through the process for more independent action in the direction of encouraging and developing new partnership projects, and the project results as well as the prepared manual will serve as an example of good practice for other youth organizations and youth in Europe.