Families in the center

The "Buntes Haus" (Colorful House) is a family meeting point in the heart of the Hellersdorfer Promenade, a repurposed plate building in the Marzahn-Hellersdorf district of Berlin.

Our family meeting point, which was opened in March 2009, is open to all children from 0-14 years, parents and grandparents as well as all other interested people.

We see ourselves as an educational, recreational and neighborhood facility with neighborhood accommodation.

Playing and recreation space, cafeteria, wardrobe, reading club, many toys, climbing elements, motion games, music instruments, retreat room, homework support, reading together, singing, dancing, creativity, cooking, science and environmental protection, celebrations, culture, media, music, co-design and many projects ... but also exchanges, meeting space, community work and support - everything is possible in the Bunten Haus.

But most important is the LAUGHING!

We open our doors daily from 1 pm to 5 pm and our offers are free of charge.

With us, you decide what's going on, on a daily basis - whether big or small! When we all tackle, we create everything.

Our international team, consisting mainly of volunteers, includes: Rocio, Bernd, Ursula and others.

In the implementation of the many projects, we are supported by freelance staff. 

cooperation partners

for instance: Neighborhood management Hellersdorfer promenade, JFE "Eastend", Hella girls' club, volunteer agency Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Pusteblume elementary school, Kita "playhouse", Berliner Tafel e.V., German Children's Fund e.V., artist Berbo Thierfelder. Berlin, Alice Salomon University, youth welfare office Marzahn-Hellersdorf, INU Infrastructural Network Environmental Protection gGmbH, Children and Youth Office Marzahn-Hellersdorf, SOS Family Center, District Reporter Prtra Strachovski

If you want to be up-to-date, what's happening in the "Buntes Haus" and around, check out our facebook page or our cooperation partner's in our neighborhood is always something going on!


Our LeseKlub (reading club) has many facets: on the one hand, there is our small children's library, whose books can be borrowed by children and parents just like the grown ups do. On the other hand, the LeseKlub fans and members meet here every Tuesday and Thursday. Ursula and Martin playfully involve the children in the stories of individual books, pick up on the children's everyday experience with books and encourage their language skills. They also use creative games, reading, reading aloud, role play, picture book cinema, children's reporter projects and much more. In our LeseKlub there are books for every age group.

The LeseKlub is a cooperation project with the "Lesen" Foundation and the Marzahn-Hellersdorf Volunteer Agency and is recognised as a LESEORT in the district.

Every year, with the support of the Berlin Authors' Reading Fund, we invite children's book authors to present their works and their work to pupils from the neighbouring primary schools and day-care centres and other interested parties.

The main focus, however, is to show children and parents how important and beautiful books and reading can be - fun, a journey around the world and education all in one.

The language skills of the children in our environment require daily encouragement, so this project also runs through the rest of the daily routine in the house.

For adults, our LeseKlub offers free basic education courses. This includes basic and refresher courses in reading, writing and arithmetic skills in small groups with a connection to life. In this way, we make you fit for one of the more advanced courses at the adult education centre in Marzahn-Hellersdorf - not far from here. As a member of the ALFA alliance, we also inform you about other support services in the field of basic education.

Bookworms of all ages will always find something worth reading at our book bank in front of the Bunte Haus. Our bench is part of the Hellersdorfer Bücherbänke and serves as a book exchange. Books can be placed on it or taken away free of charge.


In the BildKlexRaum (PictureBlotRoom), which was created as a joint project with Alice Salomon University in 2008, is our space for creativity.

Painting, drawing, clexing, crafting, designing, shaping...everything is possible. We have many different materials at our disposal for this purpose.

Smaller projects on various topics that move our young and old visitors are realised here. Our BildKlex room is also used for other projects, such as our reading club.


Our KleiderStube is a neighbourhood support service. 

- Clothes for people from 0-100 years

- shoes

- Home textiles (e.g. blankets, duvet covers, curtains)

- Smaller everyday items

- children's books

are given to us by donors and made available free of charge to people with less purchasing power. 

The clothes can be chosen and tried on, and our staff will be happy to advise on fashion issues. Small sewing jobs to mend the donations are also carried out.

We are happy to accept your clothing donation. In exceptional cases, they can also be collected by our car. Children's clothing is particularly in demand.

Please note: at present we do not accept stuffed animals or crockery.