Call for volunteering in Albania

Project description:

EDEN Center is looking for 1 volunteerfrom Germany to attend for a long-term EVS  in Tirana, Albania to be involved in environmental education and best environmental management practises activities in Tirana.

Activities of the project:

Environmental Education Sector: Office work and field work - design and implement the youth group/ nature guide program - deliver environmental education teaching to young children within environmental education centre in Tirana Zoo using and developing programs and new ideas - supports the coordinator of EE sector in various activities and projects ; Albanian language

Environmental management Practices– office work and field work - Helping in preparing and editing the outreach materials for EDEN website -Be actively participating in activities with waste management issue -Helping in promotion of 3R process in local community - Participate in filling the questioners for the related project -Involving in the communication with international networks of the centre; Albanian language



Accommodation, food and transport arrangements (up to 600 characters):

Volunteers will live in a shared accommodation in one apartment in Tirana. The project cover the travel expenses, monthly food money + monthly pocket money.

Training during the opportunity (if any up to 600 characters):

Albanian language; Coordination of the projects, Environmental civil society in Albania; Green economy and civil society engagement; Energy performance in building; additionally – Albanian living style  and how to keep calm in frequent chaos situation J

Volunteer profile (up to 600 characters):

The project will host young people age 18-30 that are interested to be involved in the environmental issues, social and cultural topics and those who are able to contribute to local community for environmental protection based on their assessment, tradition and current needs. We also are interest in young people that have basically computer skills and are willing to work inside and outside.


Project duration:
till end of September 2019

How to apply:

Contact us by email with CV, motivation letter and any other file you find appropriate at