During the lockdown

We are almost always there for you. What happens after the planned "end-of-year closing times" varies from facility to facility. What is clear is that we will not return to regular operations on 4 January. But news about the holiday trips is also hidden in the article.

In a letter dated 15.12.2020, the Senate Administration ordered the measures we had already announced.

As previously planned, the Red Tree Berlin will be closed until 4 January 2020. After that we will be here for you again.

The Bunte Haus will be closed until 18 January. After that, the staff can be reached by phone, email and via the Facebook page. In addition, direct help and counselling offers will be announced via the Facebook page.

The Anna Landsberger can be reached by phone, email, Instagram, Facebook, and video chat from 4.1.20. In the latter, you can also meet virtually with the Anna crew. You can also make an appointment to talk to individual colleagues directly in the Anna, have things printed out or discuss problems.

In the "zentrale" office, we will be working again on the political education projects, the international projects and the 2020 holiday trips from 4.1. From that day on, we will also be available again by email and phone.

Holiday trips? Yes. We have confidently prepared our offer for 2021 and will publish it at the beginning of the year. Next year, more children will have the opportunity to take part in the trips. Because word has spread about our successful implementation in 2020 and therefore new districts will also be involved. We will tell you which ones and how the registration works as soon as it is possible.