Music for human rights goes back to Pancevo!

Meanwhile, our trips to Pancevo are legendary. And the music projects anyway. So down from the sofa, into the rehearsal room and up to the stage!

Project type: multilateral youth exchanges
Project locations: Pancevo / Serbia
Total number of participants: 30
Dates: 17-28 August 2018
Participation fee: approx. 75 Euro
Number of participants Roter Baum: 6
Project language: English
Participating countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Israel, Italy, Portugal and Serbia

In 2015 and 2016 we carried out the project "exploring roots and ways of cultural diversity in music". In 2017 we started the series "music for human rights", which will be continued this year. Both projects have brought the participants closer to the cultural diversity of the participating countries and brought great music to the visitors of the final concerts. Participants and project managers were enthusiastic about how the project worked for everyone.

Precisely for this reason, we continue the project. And we get a new partner in the team.

The partners have agreed that we would like to run them again in each country of the partners involved. In doing so, we will each take out one aspect of the subject area, cultural and religious diversity, migration and closely related human rights and make it the focus of a youth exchange. Initially, two youth exchanges were approved.

In August we will participate in the FreeDom Art Fest in Pancevo again. The freedom of the art is a high good, which is quickly endangered. But how far is it allowed to go? The legendary days in Pancevo will provide plenty of room for discussion, music and parties for those who already know it.

In autumn we hope to unsettle the concert hall of Comala in Turin and of course to give a beach concert in Portugal. Registrations are now possible.