Nature in Frame - youth exchange for photography

Are you interested in photography, nature and people from other countries? Then we have thought up this youth meeting just for you and your autumn holidays will make sense!

Project type: multilateral youth exchanges
Project locations: Berlin / Germany
Total number of participants: 42
Dates: 28.10. - 4.11. 
Participant fee: 0 Euro
Number of participants Red tree: 6
Project language: English
Countries involved: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Italy, Romania, Serbia and Spain

During the 9 project days we will search for nature in the big city. In smaller groups, we will focus on the topics environment and traffic, environment and water, landscape, pollution and garbage as well as food and agriculture. Together you go on a photo safari and create an exhibition. Each photographer selects and exhibits one picture from his or her home country and one taken during the project.

But it is also part of a youth exchange that we get to know each other, work together, discuss and celebrate. So you do not only get to know new people, but also their countries.

The project will be implemented in the Kienbergpark Environmental Education Centre. If you want to take part, write an email to We will get back to you as soon as possible.