As we write this welcome text, the lockdown has us firmly in its grip. The summer of 2020 gave us many a headache. We were all the happier when we were able to implement a large part of our summer camps with over 800 children after a long period of fiddling and under constraints, and also that everyone came back healthy. During this time, we almost became experts in corona protection regulations, hygiene and distance rules. We also learned once again how important recreation and traveling in community are.                                      

We are organizing summer camps again for 2021 - we go into the summer with confidence. Please check if you live in a district where our vacation trips are sponsored, because we do not have contracts with all districts. You can find a list of funded counties on our website. If you live in a non-subsidized district, call us - we will find a solution together.                                             

And we have already prepared something.

To stay healthy, you need exercise. That's why there will also be training sessions every day, for example in the important discipline of "winking", stretching yawning exercises are also very popular among the young people. And we ourselves still feel very young. A healthy body is known to have a healthy mind: with a lot of talent for fooling around and a healthy portion of adventurousness, our trained supervisors always manage to awaken the spirits of the children and young people. Lightning! The surroundings with nature and culture do the rest, there is always a lot to discover and experience.                                       

Between fun and games, we also want to look at our surroundings, nature and society in the summer camp. Maybe even the elections for the Bundestag, which will take place after the summer vacations, will provide something to talk about. In general, it is important to participate in decision-making, both on a large and small scale. Even during the vacations, there are daily decisions to be made, for example after breakfast. Should we get up and prepare an exciting hike together, or should we roll right out of bed to the swimming lake? Would we rather swim or chill out? And which scary story should be told next around the campfire? After all, vacations are supposed to be one thing above all: fun! To make sure this works, please leave a lot of things at home: bad moods, problems and heavy luggage.

By the way, the ages given are recommendations that you may exceed or fall short of. If you are unsure, please contact us.                        

We are looking forward to meeting you!                                     

The Roter Baum Team

The dates for the summer vacation trips 2021 can be found *HERE*.

Allgemeines über die Fahrten

Mit unseren Ferienfahrten wollen wir die Abenteuerlust wecken, die in jedem von uns schlummert und uns auch einfach mal ungezwungen die Sonne auf den Bauch scheinen lassen. Ob Ferien unterm Sternenhimmel, Wassersport an der Ostsee, tierischen Freunden oder weit-weit-weg nach Slowenien - hier ist für jede:n was dabei.

Ziel unserer Fahrten ist es, gemeinsam mit Kindern, Jugendlichen und jungen Erwachsenen die Freiheit und den Bildungscharakter des Reisens zu entdecken.
Das Besondere daran: Wir reisen ohne Eltern, dafür gemeinsam mit vielen anderen jungen Menschen und geschulten Betreuer:innen.
Dabei wollen wir der weiten Welt mit ihren verschiedenen Bewohner:innen, Kulturen, Landschaften und Eigenarten begegnen und spannende, unvergessliche Tage erleben. Wichtig ist uns dabei das Gruppenerlebnis, die Förderung sozialer Kompetenzen und die Vermittlung von Werten.

Schauen Sie sich die Angebote mit Ihrem Kind gemeinsam an, bevor die Anmeldung erfolgt. Das hilft auch den Geschmack des Kindes zu treffen.


Dear summer camp enthusiasts, parents and volunteers, 

that such a small virus can cause so much damage: Corona has paralyzed large parts of social life. The Red Tree takes these developments very seriously and follows them closely. At the same time, we continue to work as usual, albeit partly in a home-based capacity. Our goal is still to provide children, young people and their parents with unforgettable and relaxing vacation camps during the upcoming summer vacations.

Should it not be possible to carry out some or all of the trips, or should we have to comply with certain conditions, we will contact you in good time and inform you.

Drink a lot of tea and keep healthy!

With best regards, the team of the Roter Baum