Cafe International

intercultural experiences for primary scholl students

The goal is to work together with young people to develop a discussion format in which they can discuss and formulate their visions for their future (living) future. As a result, at the weekend 8. - 10.6. organized a series of panels dealing with different topics. These topics are set by young people themselves. Conceivable are, for example, political topics ("dealing with populism", "how to protect my environment", "social security systems"), but also social ("active in society", "me and Europe"). Talk format means any form in which adolescents actively engage with each other. Therefore, these can have workshop character, take the form of podium discussions, but also be artistic in nature. In total, at least 4 panels should be performed.
The project is implemented by our staff with a migration background together with International Voluntary Service. We do that to directly increase the consciousness effect. First, we will advertise the offer by posting at the school and in the neighborhood and at least prepare the content of the first three meetings. They will focus on introducing other countries. These will initially be the countries of the main and voluntary co-workers involved (Albania, Germany, France, Austria, Serbia, Turkey) and as soon as children are ready, they can do the same. It presents personal photos, favorite places, friends, hobbies, favorite foods and so on. We also want to pick up on known conflicts and talk to the children about how they feel and how they can respond. We also know that teachers have relatively little awareness that some statements may be insulting. We will also discuss this with the children and empower them to express their feelings. Since we know that these types of utterances are not pejorative on the part of the teachers, the children should express these feelings directly but in a friendly way in order to achieve an effect.
In the first meetings we will also grasp what the motivation of the children was to come to our "international cafe" and then to discuss and implement the further design with them.
We will do a positive outreach so that we do not focus on combating racist resentments, but rather on facilitating an international experience that facilitates access to further international experience and enhances foreign language skills. This reflects the fact that many parents want non-formal learning outcomes for their children, and are aware that international experience is an opportunity but has no awareness of their own racist resentment.