Who are we?

"Roter Baum" Berlin, a non-profit company with limited liability, is an association of the Youth Organisation "Roter Baum" (registered association). It was founded with an aim to implement activities that will help youngsters in Berlin. It operates in various areas of youth work as authorized provider of a social service for youth and it is charitable.

We work in accordance with self-perception of the parent organisation:

We are multifaceted and creatively active, in order to educate young people, provide them with competences and promote our values.

We deeply believe that every individual is valuable and has to have a chance to realize their own potential regardless of their ethnic, social, and cultural background. Therefore, we are interested in each person and threat him or her with respect.

We want to discern the world in order to apply the acquired knowledge to the benefit of people and nature.

We verify our actions and define our goals for the future in the knowledge of the successes and mistakes of our ancestors.

We know that this society deprives thenatural and social livelihoods of many people and we fight for this reason active against existing injustices.

We are confident that we can improve the world through our actions.

We want to be a cultural, social and political home for young people.