My Life - My Vision

Our project focuses on two of the topics: "Political Education and Empowerment" and "Child and Youth Participation". The goal is to develop and implement a discussion format in which young people get to know and discuss different models of living together and express their own vision of the future. The format is developed and implemented together with young people aged around 15-25 years.
The goal is to work together with young people to develop a discussion format in which they can discuss and formulate their visions for their future (living) future. As a result, at the weekend 8. - 10.6. organized a series of panels dealing with different topics. These topics are set by young people themselves. Conceivable are, for example, political topics ("dealing with populism", "how to protect my environment", "social security systems"), but also social ("active in society", "me and Europe"). Talk format means any form in which adolescents actively engage with each other. Therefore, these can have workshop character, take the form of podium discussions, but also be artistic in nature. In total, at least 4 panels should be performed.
The workshops will be implemented on the "Respect and Curiosity Festival"