Schiff Ahoi!

Weiterhin heißt es Warten auf unser eigenes Hausboot. Doch das Strandbad Wendenschloss macht es möglich und mit der wunderschönen „Maya“, einem Hausboot aus ihrer Flotte, können wir nun jede Woche an vier Tagen für und mit euch unterwegs sein. Kommt uns in Grünau, Müggelheim oder Schmöckwitz besuchen, erkundet das Boot und sammelt weiter mit uns zusammen Ideen für die Gestaltung eures zukünftigen schwimmenden Jugendclubs. Natürlich könnt ihr auch online an der Gestaltung teilnehmen.
Bleibt immer up to date, wann wir wo anzutreffen sind und folgt uns dafür in unseren Infochannels.

Folgendermaßen sind wir vorläufig anzutreffen:

Jeden Dienstag von 15:00 – 19:00 Uhr in Grünau, Park an der Dahme, Schlierseestraße 15

Jeden Mittwoch von 15:00 – 19:00 Uhr in Müggelheim, Park an der Krampe, Gosener Damm 4

Jeden Donnerstag von 15:00 – 19:00 Uhr in Schmöckwitz, Schmöckwitzer Brücke,  Alt-Schmöckwitz 16a

Jeden Freitag von 15:00 – 19:00 Uhr in Grünau, Park an der Dahme, Schlierseestraße 15

Um uns in den erwähnten Infochannels zu folgen, gibt es verschiedene Varianten, je nachdem, welche Plattform euch am meisten zusagt:




mobile youth center Langer See

In the five Treptow-Köpenick localities Grünau, Schmöckwitz, Karolinenhof, Rauchfangswerder and Müggelheim live together about 2000 young people. All three district regions have no district-funded youth work services. Therefore, the district took the initiative for a location-independent youth work offer and started an expression of interest procedure.

With the resolution of the Youth Welfare Committee of 14.9.2022, we are instructed to develop and maintain an offer of location-independent youth work for these regions.

The offer will be newly created. The fact that all district regions are located around the Long Lake as well as our conversations with young people on site have inspired us to create a mobile youth center on the water.

From our point of view, this must be usable all year round, barrier-free or at least accessible with little assistance, and large enough for up to 15 simultaneous visitors. It should be equipped with free wifi, a kitchen and a seating area as well as space-saving play facilities and a toilet. 

After the survey is before the survey - participation is a process!

In the last week we have looked at all your suggestions that you have submitted for the houseboat project up to here. We looked at our online survey via Mentimeter as well as at your analog ideas, wishes and suggestions. We then clustered the results into topics and looked at which of our questions were answered, where there are still open questions and also which wishes we can already consider to be realized for the future. In addition, there are wishes that are difficult to realize due to the spatial situation ON the boat, but the possibilities of a boat do not necessarily end at the railing.

The result is of course a new online survey, which this time is a bit more concrete and presents you with a few questions the project and its ideas and possibilities again. So feel invited, take the five to ten minutes and let the houseboat really become your houseboat. Just click on the link to the survey or scan the QR code as usual.

To the survey

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small water level report

The mobile youth center says thank you!

We would like to thank the company Blaumann & Co from Bad Oeynhausen in East Westphalia for our new smart 3in1 work jackets, which now let us cut a fine figure in our offerings even in wind and weather. It's nice that Managing Director Marcus Harm hasn't forgotten his home district even after more than 20 years in exile: "When I heard about the idea of the floating youth club, I wanted to do my part to make such a project a success in my old home, which I still hold close to my heart! And what better way to do that for a manufacturer of custom workwear than with new sponsored weatherproof jackets for working on the boat in all weathers. And until then, they should help to make the social workers better known in the neighborhoods. In my own youth, I would have been very happy about such a project, so it's even nicer that it will be available to Köpenick's youth in the future." We say at this point: you have more than succeeded with the individual design of the jackets. 

THANK YOU from home in the greenest, wateriest and most beautiful part of Berlin! 


older reports:

In recent weeks, we have been on the lookout for a boat. You can say: "There was a lot of nice". Unfortunately, however, there was always some flaw. Well, then we just let us build something.

We gathered our wishes: It should be at least 13 m long and 4 m wide, the motorization should be environmentally friendly, the boat should be able to live self-sufficiently on solar energy, it should have a toilet as well as facilities for a kitchen, it should have insulation and heating for the winter, it should have an office and storage space and enough sockets for charging cell phones. We also wanted a roof terrace and for the boat to be barrier-free.

Many wishes at once. But we found a company that would build us a boat. Without frills and in such a way that you can still design it. And so we hope to be able to take delivery of the mobile youth center in the spring.