European Solidarity Corps - ESC

The European Solidarity Corps (ESC), formerly known as the European Voluntary Service (EVS), is a European Union program funded by the European Commission. This program aims to promote the mobility of young people while also contributing to the process of lifelong learning. ESK offers young people (from 18 to 30 years old) the opportunity to engage in community service projects in their own country or abroad (EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean region). The projects last from 2 to 12 months and do not involve any costs for participants.


The program is not about taking a vacation in another country, but to actively participate in social, environmental, cultural and political projects at the national and local level. ESK is primarily intended for young people who have not yet had a longer stay abroad or who have difficulty affording one.


*Project countries: EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean region.


*The ESK is free of charge


*Project duration 2 to 12 months



- Participation age 18 to 30 years

- Main or secondary residence in Germany, your nationality does not matter

- Participation in a preparation meeting in Germany

- Good English and other language skills, depending on the destination country

- Write a report about your experience after your return


The project offers

- Travel and visa costs will be reimbursed

- Accommodation and meals are always included in your project

- Monthly pocket money (amount varies depending on the country of assignment)

- International insurance of the European Voluntary Service

- Free language course, depending on project and destination country


Application process

The prerequisite for applying for the European Solidarity Corps is a registration in the ESK database. A personal mentor will accompany you during your stay. He*she will be your contact person in case of questions or problems that may arise in the work or in the accommodation, and can help you to get to know the local environment and people better.


Apply with your CV in Europass format in English or in the local language (preferably with several organizations) by adding it to your ESC registration profile.


If a host organization decides in your favour (usually after an interview or similar), let us know. We will then contact this organization and together (you us and them) will do all necessary preparation for the ESC project.


You will have the opportunity to participate in a training upon arrival and halfway through your stay. Roter Baum Berlin UG will also invite you for the preparatory meeting before your departure and after your return, depending on the time of the year, for final event organized by German NA.