Volunteers wanted for the "Respect and Curiosity Festival

On 02.10. our "Respect and Curiosity Festival" will take place and you can help to shape it. During a one-month volunteering teams activity, you will design the grounds, promote the festival, entertain artists and ensure the implementation of our hygiene concepts.

You have time from 08.09. to 08.10.2021 and want to volunteer for our festival? then read our short profile and sign up!

European Solidarity Project Activities on “Respekt und Neugier Festival - Respect and Curiosity Festival”

It is an annual festival with a live music and many workshops aimed at promoting activism and solidarity in our community and neighborhood. This will be the third edition of the festival that we organize and that follows the vision and mission of our organization. The festival will take place on 02. October.

The call for volunteers is open to support our activities, but also to design and implement new content. The call is open exclusively to young people between 18 and 30 years old, coming from Germany, Serbia and Portugal, with interest and skills to support this community and solidarity event.

Festival link https://rundn.roter-baum.berlin/
What is ESC https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity/young-people/volunteering_en
ESC FAQs https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity/faq_en
ESC registration link https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity/young-people/about_en

Venue: Germany, Berlin, district Marzahn

Place: Mostly in JFE Anna Landsberger https://www.roter-baum-berlin.de/anna-landsberger/

Duration: 08.09.2021 - 08.10.2021 (30 activity days plus 2 travel days)

Transport: Return travel tickets (from the place of living to the project location and a way back from the project location to the place of living) of economy class for transport (train, bus or airplane) will be reimbursed to the participants according to the distance calculator of ESC programme and based on the limits given by ESC budget (Return travel for Germany, up to 180,00 Euro; Serbia, up to 275,00 Euro and Portugal, up to 360,00 Euro).

Accommodation: Participants will be accommodated in gender divided rooms with two or three beds and an own bathroom.

Food: Breakfasts will be organized in exact time duration in accommodation of participants; lunch for project activity days will be organized in hosting organization while for weekends and holidays volunteers will be given pocket money based on German National Agency - NA recommendations for self organizing meal; diners will be organized independently by volunteer by pocket money based on NA recommendations for self organizing meal.

Pocket money: Is a budget lump sum provided for personal costs of each of the volunteers and based on the project budget given for these costs by NA – 160,00 Euro.

Insurance: Volunteers should stay in their national insurance with valid EHIC which will be their primary coverage insurance. As addition to it, Erasmus+ programme will provide each of the participants with additional complementary coverage by Cigna.

Age and number of volunteers in team: 33 in age from 18 till 30 years old from (counted at the first day of the project)

Festival and activities: Activities at our festival are firstly aimed and prepared to receive support of young, creative and open people who have skills and are active in music creating, bartending, communication with visitors and information sharing, supporting logistic during the festival (help in the kitchen or in refreshment serving), events activism and promotion, supporting pedagogical activities offered at the festival web page, gardening and sustainability workshop or having independent workshop in the field and idea of the festival), video making, editing and recording.
The applicant volunteers for the festival should be able to communicate in English language while communication skills in German will be an advantage.

The festival will be open air and will go around the main stage where several bands will play during the weekend. At the same time, there will be smaller stages organized by independent artists, stands with workshops, refreshments, food, etc.
From three weeks before the festival we need help to prepare the space outside in order to have a beautiful and sustainable event, design and organize activities, and also to organize teams and volunteers. The week after the festival will be used to clean up the space and functional areas and for evaluating this group volunteering solidarity activity.

If you think your profile is fitting with what the project needs, please apply to us by fulfilling the form and sending us in it link to your CV and motivation letter at WeTransfer (https://wetransfer.com/) until 08.08.2021. Applications provided after this date will not be evaluated.