mobile kids and youth center MaHe

The district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf has a new attractive offer for children and young people. Starting in June, the Marzahn-Hellersdorf mobile children's and youth center will be visiting various locations in the district. Classic elements of a mobile play center as well as classic elements of a youth center will be available for the young target group. In addition, information about offers for children and young people from the entire district is provided.

When and where

The mobile children and youth center Marzahn-Hellersdorf will be on the road from the 24th calendar week each from 14 clock at the following locations:

  • Tuesday: Butterfly meadow at the Apollofalterallee, on the raised meadow.
  • Wednesday: Theaterplatz
  • Thursday:Kunsthaus Flora
  • Friday: South point, Heinz-Graffunder-Park


The "Mobile Youth Center Marzahn-Hellersdorf" (working name) is newly created. With our offer we would like to reach predominantly young people in the age of 6 to 27 years and be accessible and open for all people in this age range and reflect with our visitor:inside the full diversity of the age group.
The mobile youth center has three building blocks: a play mobile, mobile open youth work and youth culture.

The mobile children's youth center functions as a play mobile in the afternoon. Here, we mainly address the group of 6 - 10 year olds. The distribution of playground equipment extends the range of playgrounds and enables children to try out a variety of sports and play activities. In this way, we open up new worlds of learning and experience for the children, as well as the opportunity to make contact with other children and gain shared experiences.

Mobile Open Youth Work

The low-threshold offers of the open meeting are open to all interested children from 6, teenagers and young adults. However, the focus of the youth work is on the 10 - 16 year olds. The offers as a mobile youth center start in the evening before and change into those of an open meeting place.

The young people should feel comfortable in "their meeting place" and experience an identification. It is the starting point for all further activities of the "youth meeting place", which are initiated by the young people and implemented by and with them. Sports and play equipment is also provided here.

Despite all identification with the mobile offer, we see it as a bridge to the many existing youth leisure facilities. That is why we present their offers and facilities.

Youth cultural work

Youth cultural work is a supplement and continuation of the low-threshold offers from the open youth area. For this purpose we use our experiences from the project "diveRcity" and revive it together with young people. Here, young people will organize their own events in public space.

Culture is first of all communication and behavior- but also creativity and artistic expression. This includes the approaches of open children and youth work, such as conflict resolution and tolerant coexistence, as well as self-awareness and self-awareness. This is followed by all non-verbal forms of expression, from clothing to games, music and dance. Youth cultures are thus forms of expression in which the boundaries between the actor and the audience change. With our concept we want to be a space and inspiration for the cultural self-discovery of children and young people.

We organize our own events and festivals, but also participate in events of other network partners or established events in the neighborhood or district.

This form of youth cultural work has a double effect. Young people experience self-efficacy and get involved in a diverse (youth) cultural life in the district. On the other hand, we expand the offer for young people in a cost-effective and relevant way for the target group.

Information offer

The mobile children's and youth center carries a wide range of information for children and their parents as well as young people. Information about family centers, youth recreational facilities, libraries, sports clubs, family service office, youth welfare office, youth initiatives and much more is handed out. In particular, we would like to inform about the offers of the Alliance for Children, the vacation offers of the sponsors and about participation opportunities.

Through our regular presence in the squares, we reach children and young people who have not yet arrived at the facilities. Therefore, there are opportunities to get in contact with them for participation formats. Therefore we are contact persons for the children and youth office, the children and youth parliament as well as the youth forums to reach them.