Peter Weiss Library

Located at Hellersdorfer Promenade 24, near the multi-generational house "Buntes Haus", the Peter Weiss Library offers its collection of 20,000 books and other media. They are catalogued in the library database program AllegroC and can be searched in the online catalog. The exclusively volunteer staff at this very special public library are delighted that they have been able to continue their work professionally and undisturbed under the umbrella of the UG Roter Baum since July 1, 2023. Ever since 1990, when predominantly young people in Hellersdorf began collecting books and other publications that they had previously been searching for in vain, they wanted to stimulate discussion of current social issues and discuss new books. These beginnings gave rise to the non-profit association for the promotion of the Alternative Library Hellersdorf, which has gradually built up a specialist social science library on the eastern outskirts of Berlin.

Now, in its 34th year of existence, a collection has been created that can offer books, many of which are no longer available in municipal public libraries. This is particularly true of literature from 1945 to 1990 from both German states, which is a valuable cultural asset. With the "Wendezeit" and afterwards, we received several significant donations from disbanded associations and individuals from all over Berlin (academics, journalists, editors), including special collections with original literature from the 1968 movement and many biographies from the anti-fascist resistance struggle. The range of books on offer is therefore extremely diverse and at the same time up-to-date, as we were also able to apply for funding to purchase new books. For the Neighborhood Library department, there are now also numerous new books with entertaining and exciting content.

Many of the new non-fiction books and novels are presented by the authors at events in the Peter Weiss Library. Since 1990, several hundred events have been held with more than 280 authors. This is another service we offer in addition to lending books.

Peter Weiss,

German-Swedish anti-fascist and author of many books and plays, painter and filmmaker, has been our patron saint since 2002. His main work, "The Aesthetics of Resistance", all his plays and other publications are in our collection. It is our duty to cultivate his complete works and to remember this important author time and again.