Corona and the Youth Exchanges

After two years of Corona, we are now back in full swing! The uncertainty of the last few years has made it difficult to reliably plan long-term projects and meetings, and many people are itching to finally get out again, meet new people, and get involved in a productive manner. You can find some opportunities here.

Current Youth Exchanges

Here you will find all the encounters that are currently being planned. For each one, you will find whether it has already been approved or not.

Youth encounters are group activities in which we work together towards a concrete goal. Tourist activities take place, but are in the background. For this reason, and thanks to the support of taxpayers' money (mostly from the EU), the participant contributions are rather symbolic and can be waived if necessary.

In any case, you may apply in a application form of each project. We will contact you immediately to clarify further details.

Project type: Multilateral youth exchange
Project location:  Pancevo, Serbia
Project language: English
Total number of participants: 36
Number of participants Roter Baum: 6
Age: 16-30 years
Participant contribution: 50 Euros
Participating countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Serbia
Dates:  05.10.2022 - 16.10.2022


Those who have already participated in the past years know what this means! Love of music meets colourful diversity. Warmth of heart meets strained nerves from hours of rehearsing in a stuffy cellar hole. Strangers become like-minded people and like-minded people become friends.
But what actually happens at "Music for Human Rights"?

It's quite simple: 48 people from six countries come together and found three project bands. Professional musicians are mixed with amateurs to write, compose and study two songs together, which are then performed on stage at the final concert. The participants are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Israel, Italy, Portugal and Serbia.

If you are interested in either making music together or in documenting it in the media, if you want to develop and share your ideas on human rights and if you are prepared for long days and short nights, then this is the right youth exchange for you.

The only thing standing between you and participation is a registration form which has to be filled out quickly enough, because this part of the project is very popular.


Application form

We are looking forward to see you!

Projekttyp: multilaterale Jugendbegegnung
Projektort:  Cerașu / Rumänien
Projektsprache: Englisch
Teilnehmerzahl insgesamt: 25+10
Teilnehmerzahl Roter Baum: 5+2
Alter: 15 - 20 Jahre
Teilnehmerbeitrag: 0 Euro
Beteiligte Länder:  Deutschland, Italien, Rumänien, Serbien und Slovenien
Daten:  24.10. - 4.11.2022

Diese Jugendbegegnung richtet sich vor allem an Teenager. Gemeinsam gestaltet Ihr auf kreative Weise Euer Jugendzentrum. Wir wollen von Euch wissen, wie Ihr Euch das vorstellt. Das Ganze geschieht, je nachdem was Euch am meisten liegt, über die Erstellung eines Videos, eines Liedes, einer Infografik (das kann alles sein was aus Papier ist) oder eines Comics. Ihr erhaltet von jungen, aber erfahrenen Leuten Unterstützung dabei.

Das Ganze werden wir für ein anderes Projekt nutzen, bei dem wir erarbeiten wollen, wie Jugendzentren in Europa sein sollen. Wir haben da natürlich unsere Vorstellungen. Aber wir wollen Eure Vorstellungen, denn nur dann können Jugendzentren so sein, dass ihr sie auch toll findet. Deshalb sammeln wir alles und werden es auf ganz großer Bühne in Europa vorstellen. 

Natürlich werdet Ihr auch andere Menschen kennen lernen, mit Ihnen gemeinsam spielen, tanzen, gestalten und lernen. Das Projekt findet in Cerașu statt. Das ist eine Ortschaft, die 100 km nördlich von Bukarest liegt und alles hat, was man sich so in einem Dorf vorstellt, inklusive Hufschmied.

Das Projekt findet in der Schulzeit statt. Wenn Ihr eine Freistellung benötigt, erhaltet Ihr sie in der Regel auch. Schulen sind angehalten Schüler für außerschulische Bildung freizustellen. Das notwendige Papier dafür erhaltet Ihr von uns.

Wenn Ihr Gefallen an dem Projekt gefunden habt, tragt Euch bitte in dieses Formular ein oder ruft an!

Conditions of participation and application

You can apply for a Youth Exchange on our website, by telephone or in person. A youth meeting is not a holiday trip. We always pursue concrete project goals, which are also described in the text. Nevertheless, the fun does not come too briefly. This must be considered before registration. Participants are selected after receipt of the application, taking into account the explanatory text in the form.

The participation fee covers travel costs, accommodation, meals, programme and support. Please transfer the TNB at least 14 days before departure. If this payment deadline is financially not possible for you, please contact us to make an individual agreement.

Please transfer to:

Roter Baum Berlin UG
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Verwendungszweck: Name des Kindes
IBAN: DE25 8502 0500 0003 6441 00

We recommend that you also include pocket money.

All trips are mainly financed by sponsors. This is how the extremely low prices come about.

Should something come up, you can withdraw from participation. In order not to have to leave any places free, we ask you to inform us as soon as possible and exclusively in writing by email. Only then will another people have the chance to fill the place.

The following applies: If we have already incurred costs, we must pass these on to you. Money that we have not had to spend on planning, booking and organisation until your cancellation will be refunded.

Sometimes something comes up with us too. In such a case we will try, with your consent, to find another suitable ride for your child. If this does not succeed, you will of course get your money back.

During youth exchanges abroad, our participants are in principle covered by accident, health and liability insurance. 

We only collect data that is necessary for a successful and secure project implementation. The sponsors oblige us to pass on some data (name, email, age). We document the project results and also the project work on our social media channels and to the sponsor. You agree to both by participating.