General information on the trips

With our holiday trips, we want to awaken the spirit of adventure that lies dormant in each of us and let the sun shine on our bellies. Whether it's a holiday under the stars, water sports on the Baltic Sea, animal friends or a long way to Slovenia - there's something for everyone.

The aim of our trips is to discover the freedom and educational character of travelling together with children, teenagers and young adults. The special thing about it is that we travel without parents, but together with many other young people and trained carers. We want to encounter the wide world with its different inhabitants, cultures, landscapes and peculiarities and experience exciting, unforgettable days. What is important to us is the group experience, the promotion of social skills and, above all, simply enjoying the summer together.

Have a look at the offers together with your child before registering. This will also help us to find out what your child likes.