1,2,3 Ecology Sistem, Please

Everyone is currently talking about environmental and climate protection. But it's not just about drivers and industries. It is also particularly about our own actions. At this meeting in North Africa, we look at what each of us can do in concrete terms.

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Project type: multilateral youth exchanges
Project locations: Ceuta / Spain
Total number of participants: 30
Participant fee: approx. 50 Euro 
Number of participants Roter Baum: 10
Project language: English
Countries involved: Germany, Spain
20 - 26 July 2019 Ceuta, Spain

This project takes place in a very special environment. As a Spanish exclave, Ceuta is located in the north of Africa and has a very special nature with its red mountains. Coupled with very different cultural influences, we can have a special experience here.

And we will also get to know the effects of our actions. Whether border fences, which not only prevent people from their natural movements, cruise ships, which pollute the air and pour out crowds of tourists over the city or our everyday consumer behaviour - we influence our environment massively. We want to discover how and how we can improve our impact on the environment. We focus on the three "R's" of sustainability: Recycle, Reduce and Reuse.

In addition, we get to know new people and their cultures. Certainly new instagramfollower and Facebook friends will jump out and stay in touch with you for a long time.