new youth exchange "Between The Truth" jetzt möglich

By what means we are manipulated, you can find and try out yourself. In our new project "Between The Truth"

project type: youth exchange
venue: Berlin/Germany 
total number of participants: 40
dates: 25.1. - 4.2.2017
participant fee: without
participants Roter Baum: 5
participants international refugee team: 5
project language: englisch
participating countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, international refugee team, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Germany and Serbia
Status: approved, 
Participants' places available

The media presents us with news and information. But can you believe them? If you compare the news to specific topics, but from different sources, you will find that they are different. This is why it is so important to acquire knowledge and competencies through the media.

During the meeting we want to divide the participants into two groups, which act in a kind of rolling game medial "against each other". They will receive daily objective news, with which they will write media contributions, with which the groups "war" medially. This is intended to create daily messages and posts, which reflect the news from the perspective of each group. (To get an idea what is meant, check out "Wag the Dog" or this Playlist)

Of course we will introduce the topic before the beginning of the rolling game and provide examples from the reality. In addition, there are, of course, still the standards of each youth meeting: learning, intercultural evening, daily reflections, final evaluation and various parties.

And what do you get from it? First off, a good time. In addition to the already mentioned new experiences in the media area, you will mainly get to know new people and how they eat, what they like for music, like to put on ... You are fed with us, you get a certificate of attendance and you certainly have lots of fun.

When can you join? You are between 16 and 20 years old, able to read and understand simple English texts and have interest in the subject? Then you are as done for this project. You do not need money for it.

Venue? The youth exchange will take place in the JFE "Anna Landsberger" and in the "zentrale".

If you want to join us, just write a short email with the subject "Between The Truth" to